Michael Sackett — Cleveland, Texas

Michael Sackett — Cleveland, Texas

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This is Michael Sackett. He couch hops between Cleveland, Porter and Huffman. He’s a bouncer at Stetsons in Humble, or was. Not sure if he’s still employed or not. He doesn’t really like to work. He’s married, tells people he’s divorced. He also lies about his military service. He was in the Air Force but he was discharged for his behavior not even a year in. He also tells people that he has a college degree. He does NOT. He took a class for a certificate and never finished. Left his wife to pay off the cost of the class. He moves girl to girl giving them sob stories about how he was a victim to his wife’s behavior. It’s ALL LIES! He told her he came here to save money to move her and the kids down with him. He just wants a free ride and a free room. He moves in with people and when they realize that he’s lazy and addicted to video games and never showers he ends up having to be put out. The girl he was cheating on his wife with in 2016 was told he had to rush back to Colorado to see his kids because his oldest was really sick and poor him, he didn’t have the money to go. She gave him $400 and it was all a scam. He’s not divorced, he doesnt help his soon to be ex ( now that she knows what he’s up to) with his kids and he’s no more than a lazy bum who uses people. Oh and he also likes to tell people that Mike, the owner of Stetsons, is a drunk and can’t handle the responsibility of running the bar so he’s selling it to him. Do not fall for anything he says without putting in the research first!!

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  1. LadybirdSeptember 20, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Yeah. He lies about everything. He uses women and I really wish I had saved the messages where he spoke so horribly about his employer and one of the bartenders. He also claims they sell drugs out of Stetsons.
    He lies about his military history so much. He likes to tell people his sister has his ‘rewards’ because he doesn’t understand the difference between reward, award and honors. In reality he wasn’t in long enough to be honored for anything. He was actually booted according to his family. He’s a POS and a horrible excuse for a human. I feel bad for his kids most of all. Hopefully they are raised to be a better human than a lazy POS liar.