Michelle Lynn Oliveira

Michelle Lynn Oliveira

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This girl states she has her life together but in truth she has nothing. She is a drug addict and unstable. Even though she knew he was a family man still convinced him that his relationship was dying and it’s ok to cheat because she is so smart that His partner wouldn’t find out guess she should have thought her plan out more it was busted and she had him moving in before he could cheat but she still sent some nasty photos of herself and called multiple times talked a big game how she will rock his world but turned into a lazy cheap slore shower session didn’t even clean herself afterwards like a true slore gross your pictures I seen and let me tell you only a man at his lowest would get turned on by that. Your a complete joke gain some morals have some dignity and find yourself before trying to find a man to buy you chips ice cream and tampons oh yeah don’t forget the toilet paper right Michelle! Men don’t brag about your job or money because then you attract cheap crap like this girl. You are the scum so I hoped you enjoyed the scum i through at you he wasn’t worth fighting for knowing he wanted you. Lol Did you enjoy housing him and using his money? His kids and life didn’t mean anything and it shows where’s your kid at? Loose and saggy he felt nothing so creeping into a shower turning off lights was rocking his world??? Your the reason guys don’t have girls as friends why girls don’t trust girls and why girls like you get blasted on the internet! You were warned not to make it on his list you cheap slore! Put some clothes on your drug abused body please!!

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