Michelle Y. McCormick Washington


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She was my friend or so I thought. I had been there for her just two weeks prior as she sobbed over breaking it off with her boyfriend. She asked me to move in to my spare bedroom and of course I said ok. On my husbands birthday which also is the day before our daughters birthday which normally is a good day celebrating your child’s birthday. However we lost our daughter from SIDS when she was three months old. Now this day has become one of mourning. This year I had to work the night shift and as happens every year my husband got very drunk and I could see he was getting more restless as we got closer to the midnight hour. As I was leaving for work from the party sure enough he lost it and started to make a beeline for the cemetery where our daughter is buried just a couple blocks away. I yelled to Michelle not to let him go alone and I had to leave. Well the rest is well disgusting frankly. I guess they did it right there in the cemetery. How disgusting. I never dreamed my husband would have found her attractive because she isn’t. Definitely she has not had anyone as good looking as him.

She has been sneaking around with him for a year now. I had to leave because it wouldn’t stop . Even when he broke it off several times she began harassing him, threatening him and stalking our house. Parking across the street and driving up and down the block. She has never showed remorse, never apologized. She attacks me verbally and rubs my nose in it posting totally inappropriate stuff on facebook. We have a son that is suffering at our split up. She couldn’t care less. Says she isn’t going anywhere so get used to it she says. I never will! I seriously don’t get their relationship. I never will…



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