Mike Jackson — Nasty Dirty Man

Mike Jackson — Nasty Dirty Man

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This man is nasty he sleeps with anything. He goes to cheap motels to sleep with floozys and clubs. He tries to sleep with everyone he works with and then talks about them like this one girl Jill Mcgaha and how she smoke weed with him and his homeboys and she slept with all of them. And how she lost her kids. And now he sleeping with a woman and her daughter. Stay away girls.

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  1. Sherryfan455March 23, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    You need to stop including Sherry Hellams in this. We all know you were sleeping with and giving to the mixed bitch Jill Mcgaha and your wife was sleeping with the old hoe too. And leave Paris alone tell miss thing to stop gaining weight and losing it by summer like a bear. Can you help her with vajayjay I heard she has mileage? Can she work on that instead of trying to sleep with married men and put all the blame on innocent women? If she want to be a instagram model tell her to get a bigger a55 than what she got and she needs to be younger old h0e.