Mike Kesecker Lying Cheating Stealing Adulterer

Mike Kesecker Lying Cheating Stealing Adulterer

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Mike Kesecker is pictured with wife #5, the problem is she has no idea she is wife #5. They decided that they didn’t care about each others pasts they were starting fresh from when they met. Too bad for her but maybe she will learn to ask questions after this. Mike is a professional liar. I’m not quite sure how he keeps his stories straight because he has made a profession our of lying and cheating. I believe that he is addicted to being married and has to have the next wife waiting in the wings when he is leaving and cheating on the current wife. He was married to two of my friends and still sleeping in one friends bed when he tells the girlfriend that they have been separated for a year as well as planning his next wedding while still being married. He has been known to tell the same lies about different wives. He only lasts about 4-7 years in a marriage before he gets itchy feet and moves on leaving all of his debt and IRS problems for the previous wife to handle.

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