Mike & Shaun Gilhooly, brothers without morals who prey on young girls

Mike & Shaun Gilhooly, brothers without morals who prey on young girls

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Mike is a manipulative narcissist who preys on young girls, using a flashy condo and piles of pepsi to cover his insecurities and the fact he’s only a wannabe rockstar (he plays drums, badly, in the cover band “BrokenToyz”). His tattoo “Victory or Death” is just laughable when you see that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been handed pretty much everything in life since then. Mike can’t even keep a day job due to his endless partying and no sense of maturity or responsibility. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Despite the fact he’s pushing 40, he goes after 18-20 year olds gets them liquored up, uses them for sex and will go so far as to tell them he loves them to get them to stick around and put up with his self serving bullsh1t. He treats normal girls like floozyss, manipulating them with drugs and just enough compliments to make them think they’re special. He’ll demand girls take their shirts off just to hang out at his condo, and if you’re (un)lucky enough to be his chosen girl of the week he’ll demand sexual acts and drop you like a hot potato if you so much as hesitate to suck his d1ck on command. He’s a sh1tty, boring lay who needs to realize there’s more than one sexual position, and he’s somehow self absorbed enough to think that girls are going to cvm on command for him. He will bang anything the moves and then spread drd around but deny it because he’s too lazy to wrap his infected d1ck. At one point he had a nice normal girlfriend, (Christie) but only because she was blissfully unaware he’s a pepsi fiend and a whore. Poor girl nearly walked on him with another broad (who literally had to sneak out the window like a scene in a bad movie), and that still wasn’t enough to make him give his head a shake. He’s a lonely, unbelievably narcissistic a55hole… but as long as there’s an endless stream of barely-legal bar sloots for him to prey on, this trash will never change. Mike’s brother Shaun is an equally sick fuk but much more pathetic. He seems to try to follow in his brother’s footsteps of wannabe rock n roll and mansloring, but is too quiet, tame and MARRIED to keep up. He cheated on his wife by fuking a girl WITH HIS BROTHER. Biological brothers that don’t mind getting their d1cks wet simultaneously with the same chick have a serious screw loose. Shameful, disgusting manslores, both of them.

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