Morgan Claflin — Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Morgan Claflin — Fort Campbell, Kentucky

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She’s married but I guess instead of trying to work things out with her husband. She wants to play wifey to other women’s husbands. At first she’ll play it as if she’s just friends with your man. Then try to be nice and pretend to want to be your friend. Watch out she has an agenda! Next thing you know she’s having secret conversations with him and leading him upstairs and into her bed to “talk”. But because they still had clothes on when they were caught it must be okay, even though her husband wasn’t home. Guess she never felt the need to let either spouse know. Even if you try to confront her with your concerns about how uncomfortable you are. She’ll just reassure you she wont stop being “friends” with him. She’ll continue to push and wedge her way inside any fragile relationship with complete and utter disrespect for you. Then she’ll have her fat friend intervene because she isn’t woman enough to face you herself. Shes in the military so watch your military husbands. She’ll probably hunt him down when she finished mine off. Oh and her husband will try to then get with you. Seems a thing they’ve come up with. She has no morals and is obviously very insecure and pathetic.

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