Morgan Palace

Morgan Palace

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Morgan palace. This woman lives in Wichita KS. Lost her job at non profit organization mother of two . In her spare time she fuks other women husband. If your her friend she will fuk your men You bring her into your inner circle she will flirt while drinking and eventually she will use her charm to seduce your husband. Too much time on her hands . My husband was and still may be fuking this sloot. Our Neighborhood is small and close net . I didn’t see this coming. We hang out with her and husband. She decided It was okay to fuk my husband . And your messy house You fuked and seduce him She fuk him in the kitchen at her house . He says she has no breast , no a55. Her pu55y isn’t shaved . He was turn on by you rubbing on his d1ck. easy ass when your throwing it at married guys. I confront her and she lied . She is coward. I feel sorry for her husband. Can he be that clueless. If you know her husband let him know he has a sloot at home . Backstabbing and pathetic. Lonely slore .. I guess she gets off on the fact she will fuk your man. And if you’re friends with her guard your husband from her. She will fuk them . She needs to be exposed for the sloot and home wrecker she is. Collegehill slore

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