*Featured On Radaronline.com* My Interview With @Blockedbyleann. Team Smiley Fights Back Against Leann Rimes Ridiculous Lawsuit


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*Updated* Our interview was featured on Radaronline 11/14/2012!

As many of us already know, Leann Rimes had an affair with her now husband Eddie Cibrian.  Cibrian admitted to having an affair with Rimes while the pair was still married to other people.  I have read countless articles pertaining to the Leann Rimes saga, and have yet to gain one ounce of sympathy for her.  The old saying rings true, “You did this to yourself”.  Of course, Leann has her supporters and I am certain they defend her, I mean, “You can’t help who you fall in love with right?”  This statement has always bothered me.  In my opinion, in order to fall “in love” with someone, you must have some form of intimate relationship with that person.  If you or the other person is married, you should not attempt any form of intimate relationship and therefore, you will be unable to fall in love!  One would think that would be “Common sense”, but it seems as though many women and men have little to no respect or regard for other people, nevertheless themselves.

Yes, in my opinion, Leann Rimes is a Homewrecker!  She knowingly pursued a married man with a family!  Not only did she pursue him while they both were still married, it was stated in the media that she dined with Eddie Cibrian and his wife, Brandi Glanville, (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) on several occasions!  Talk about a slap in the face!   Apparently, stealing Brandi’s husband just wasn’t enough for Leann.  It has been alleged that Leann Rimes created a fake twitter account called @wewenlove and bullied Brandi from it.  It has also been alleged that she rewarded some of her twitter followers with tickets, signed autographs and gifts at Christmas time in return for directing negative comments to Brandi Glanville’s twitter.

There are many people who believe Leann Rimes has quite the unhealthy obsession with Twitter.  Perhaps her alleged obsession with the popular social media site can be blamed for her ridiculous lawsuit against Kimberly Smiley, a High School teacher and mother of 6, for invasion of privacy after she allegedly tape recorded a telephone conversation with Leann Rimes.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with @Blockedbyleann a close friend and supporter to Kim Smiley, pertaining to the frivolous lawsuit Leann Rimes is pursuing against Mrs. Smiley.



Ariella:  Where you ever a fan of Leann Rimes?

@Blockedbyleann:  “I am a fan of Leann Rimes music from her early years.”


Ariella:  If you where a fan, did your opinion of Leann Rimes change after her affair was made public?

@Blockedbyleann:  “Absolutely. I personally went through a very similar situation and had a “Leann” in my life. Just like he did me he did her and now he has moved on to his 4th wife. My personal belief is if you support someone who engages in activities you disapprove of you are no better yourself!”


Ariella:  How did this war between you and Leann Rimes start?

@Blockedbyleann:  “I started a twitter account almost 2 years ago. I was not following Leann Rimes or Brandi Glanville at the beginning. I answered a survey from a gossip site asking which one Leann or Brandi looked better in a bikini. I answered Brandi. I then went on to follow Brandi. While reading her mentions I began learning of the twitter war between her and Leann. I went to follow Leann so I could keep up with the BS she was spewing. That is when I found out I was blocked. This all transpired within 2 days time so I can only assume Leann either blocked everyone who answered Brandi in the survey or by trolling Brandi’s followers and blocking everyone from there. Because I never once followed Leann Rimes. From that point, I just started a new account and followed her from there so I could learn more. I became very intrigued due to the similarities with my ex and his homewrecker. After learning of the huge amount of people Leann blocks I thought it would be fun to start a parody type account. I never expected to take off like it has. I basically see right through her narcissistic tweets and pathological lies. I have no problem publicly proving them via twitter. She is surrounded by “yes” people that when she sees someone react negatively to her she becomes highly offended. I find it quite funny since she is the one who has acted inappropriately and doesn’t understand why people don’t like her. It is not just the affair either; her behavior towards her step son’s mother is atrocious! She over steps her boundaries, she taunts and antagonizes Brandi. She has on many occasions referred to the boys as hers and Eddie’s. She posts pictures of them via twitter and on her Spitfire Social Club after being asked repeatedly by their mother to not do so. She was caught paying the paparazzi to come take pictures of her at the boy’s soccer game. I have that twitter picture saved. The camera man tried to delete the tweet but a quick thinking friend took a screen shot of it before he did. These are just a few examples of the clearly unstable actions of Leann Rimes. A book could actually be written.”


Ariella:  How has this lawsuit affected your life?

@Blockedbyleann:  “Personally it hasn’t affected me, but it has affected my friend Kim and her daughter Lexi. They are being lied about and this suit has been filed on baseless information and I can’t wait for the Judge to hear Kim’s side. I have a feeling he will be pretty upset with Leann Rimes and her attorney. They claim it was a set up and I can promise you it was not. I can also promise you that the tape was not edited nor was it released online by Kim Smiley or her daughter Lexi. The only basis for the suit they have is the recording, and that was done out of fear for what Leann Rimes was going to say. She started the conversation out with “This is Leann bitch, you have 5 minutes to say whatever you want to me” and the cursing ensued to the point where Kim felt like she needed to protect herself by recording the conversation. On Leann Rimes end it was on speaker phone with 2 of her friends she met via twitter in a public and crowded restaurant. There was no privacy expected by Leann Rimes. She did not make that call expecting to make peace with Kim or she wouldn’t have started the conversation out the way she did.”


Ariella:  Who are the “Team Smiley’s” and how was that started?

@Blockedbyleann:  “Well, they are thousands of people who support an innocent teacher, mother, wife and citizen! As soon as I heard of the lawsuit, I along with several others tweeted Team Smiley tweets and it just took off from there. We are behind our friend 100% and will do whatever it takes to prove Leann Rimes is the guilty one.”


Ariella:  Do you believe Leanne Rimes is abusing her status as a celebrity (pertaining to the lawsuit)?

@Blockedbyleann:  “Most definitely! Look at her history; she couldn’t buy her dad, Curb Records, Brandi or Kim with money so she files a frivolous lawsuit. She stated during the suit with her father that she would win the judge over by crying on cue, she also said she hated her father when she lost! She can’t stand to lose and she will lie, cheat and steal to keep from doing so! These are not accusations these are actions she has committed previously and have been well documented!”


Ariella:  If you had to do this all over, would you do anything differently?

@Blockedbyleann:  “Sometimes it gets frustrating when you see a person with a lot of money getting away with these things and I think why bother? But then I think about the tweets from other exes as well as just people with a basic set of good values and morals who say to me “Thank you for what you do”, as well as my own beliefs pushing me to open twitter and stand up and speak out for what I believe in! I am by far a “Bully” as Leann tries to abuse that term with us. This is America, freedom of speech is still allowed and I am protesting on a public site my dislike for home wreckers, step mothers who over step their boundaries as well as celebrities who think they can buy friendships and fans.  In one interview Leann claims that she had to go to rehab over the bullying she endures on twitter, but her rep stated to Gossip Cop and I quote “There is absolutely no truth to that story whatsoever.” the reason for her going to rehab is stress due to a new album and tour plans.”


If you would like to read more on Kim Smiley and her family or donate to her legal fund, please visit http://www.gofundme.com/HelptheSmileys

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  1. JulieSeptember 13, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Leann is a vile person, I would hate to be Brandy and know that psycho has her kids 50% of the time. Posting pics, videos you name it. LeWhore needs to learn about boundries.

  2. SueNovember 28, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    You really are disgusting. Why waste your words and time on someone you hate when there’s so much good that needs to be done in the world. She loves the kids, they love her. If LeAnn did the things Brandi does, you would be talking smack about her ie; drinking the day after being in the hospital, etc. Brandi had wine but she was on oh so many medications! If that was LeAnn, you would be writing a story like this about it! So sad…please get a life and worry about things that matter in the world. Thanks for listening!

    • ResponsibilityNovember 29, 2012 at 8:09 pm

      If Leann loved the kids, then she wouldn’t use them to taunt their mother day in and day out; wouldn’t have her friends on twitter(ie-the woman from XFactor who had an affair with a married man) harassing the children’s mother for a week now; allow her friend Darrell B to tweet that Leann has every right to post about Brandi’s kids(especially when he knows that Leann and Eddie won’t even allow Brandi to film with her kids for RHOBH); tweet about the kids at all; have conversations with Brandi’s kids with parents from their schools; encourage those stepmother blogs to disrespect her stepson’s mother and the mothers of their stepkids. Leann is her own worst enemy. The more she tweets about Brandi’s kids, the more problems she creates for herself and Eddie. If Leann loved the boys, then the tweets, blogs, staged photo-ops, and interviews about them would stop and Leann would publicly stop disrespecting their mother and encouraging her fans and staff to disrespect the children’s mother.

      Perhaps Leann should take your advice and get a life, so that way she isn’t tweeting 24/7 about another woman’s kids after being asked to stop. Or writing songs about how she struggled when Eddie went back home to his wife after spending her money during their affair.

      • SueNovember 30, 2012 at 11:17 am

        You know WAY too much to be a casual observer. Those kids are at her house 50% of the time, you seem to forget that part!! What woman from XFactor are you talking about? Khloe, Britney, Demi? I don’t remember reading about them having an affair with a married man? Of course she is going to have conversations with the moms at school…she sees them all the time! When is the last time you saw a “staged photo op” with LeAnn and the boys? You need to read what you’re writing…none of it is true! She can write all the songs she wants and about the struggles. I can only imagine what Brandi is writing in the book and I’m sure it will be much more then what is written in a song. Defend Brandi all you want, what is happening right now, will be seen by her boys when they are older and are able to google things and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! A lot of people have affairs, marriages end, people move on. What Brandi is saying about LeAnn is all over the internet and her boys will read that and they can make their own decisions at that time. We’re not the judge & jury only one person is. I have a feeling LeAnn is a lot closer with that person that Brandi ever will be. The End. 🙂

        • ResponsibilityJanuary 14, 2013 at 5:57 pm

          We know WAY TOO MUCH because Leann is constantly putting EVERY detail of her life on display, from where the kids attend school to where she will be with them on the days that she and Eddie have custody of them.

          The woman from X FACTOR, Stacy F, the one Leann is constantly tweeting with every single day.

          But that’s just it, if she is going to have conversations with the mother’s from kids’ schools, why not do it PRIVATELY? Why put it on twitter, when she and her own husband keep insisting that they are putting the kids’s interest firsts?

          Just because the kids are at Leann’s house 50% of the time it does not give her the right to exploit the kids and use them to taunt their mother. The last time we saw a staged photo-op of Leann and Brandi’s kids was 3 times, each at an airport. How can you say that it’s untrue that Leann sets up staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids when all you have to do is google Leann Rimes and the photos of her with Brandi’s kids come up?

          Not when Leann is whining about how unfair she is being judged. By your same logic, what Leann is saying and doing will seen by the kids when they are older. What will they say when they are confronted with all this evidence of their stepmother encouraging her fans to hate and harass their mother?

          But Leann hasn’t moved on, she is constantly shoving it down people’s throats. What Leann says about Brandi is all over the internet and the boys will read that and make up their minds about Leann and the type of person she is.

          And yet you sit here being the judge and jury against Brandi and anyone who calls Leann out. You only have a feeling because you are one of Leann’s puppets! The End!

  3. CynthiaNovember 21, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    I will state up front that I have been a fan of Leann’s music for many years. I am not a fan of her behavior over the last 4 years. I am not one of these women who believe the responsibility lies solely with the married person. Like previous posts have pointed out if the other person knows one party is married, they can and should say “NO” to any advances. Very easy to do. Participating in a breakup of a marriage makes you just as culpable as the cheating partner.

    Putting aside the extra-marital affairs that both Leann and Eddie engaged in, I have been deeply offended at how Leann has trampled over the boundaries of a parent-child relationship. It is NEVER ok to refer to a stepchild as “yours” when their parent is heavily involved and in the picture of those children’s lives. It is offensive and degrading to the parent and quite frankly the other parent (in this case, Eddie) should have put a stop to it pronto. Leann is Eddie’s wife, not the mother of those two children. Brandi should always come first and her wishes regarding her children should be respected. My ex-husband always tried to replace me with his other women in my children’s lives. It never worked and they are now adults. In some ways it actually backfired because I share a closer relationship with my kids than their father does. You simply do not come between a parent and their child. And you REALLY do not come between a mother and her sons. It has made Leann appear pathetic, insecure and needy.

  4. ResponsibilityNovember 15, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Why should the initial affair ONLY be addressed to the married man? If a woman actively pursues a man she knows is married, then she holds just as much responsibility in breaking up his marriage as he does because it is her duty to say “NO” or “Get a divorce” first. Why is it okay for a woman to disrespect another woman’s marriage? Why is okay to insist that we as women don’t hold any responsibility for interfering in another woman’s relationship?

    In Leann’s case she actively pursued Eddie, doing everything to acquire him, from having her friends give him jobs to using her friend Darrell Brown to depict Brandi as the problem. Leann exposed the affair to US Weekly and then when that failed to get Eddie to leave his marriage, she invited TMZ to a game so that she could be photographed with Eddie(telling her fans that she had to cancel a concert because she was “sick”).

    Leann can’t keep insisting that people move on or stop calling her a homewrecker when she is singing songs like Borrowed, which details her affair with Eddie while he was married to Brandi. Leann holds just as much responsibility in the breakup of Eddie’s marriage just like Eddie holds just as much responsibility as Leann in the breakup her marriage to Dean. The difference is that Eddie knows when to shut up and lay low. It’s Leann bragging about how she allowed Brandi’s kids to listen to songs about her affair with Eddie and songs trashing their mother. It’s Leann constantly trying to rub it in Brandi’s face that she “won” Eddie. Considering how much money she has to dish out to keep Eddie and how she had to make out with Lizzy while Eddie watched, did Leann “win”? I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie and his “friend” Lizzy are playing Leann. Using her to fund trips and everything else for them.

  5. […] “I basically see right through her (LeAnn’s) narcissistic tweets and…lies. I have no problem publicly proving them via twitter,” says Twitter user @Blockedbyleann in an interview posted on the blog She’s a Homewrecker. […]

  6. SusaNovember 14, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    17 years ago I found out my husband was having an affair with the woman who sat outside his office day after day. They are still together and have two beautiful children. Their relationship sucks and they are not happy. This does not please me or give me any retribution. I hoped that they would be happy to legitimize the demise of my marriage. After a short time of reflection I realized that what she did was put an end to a marriage that needed an end put to it, that she didnt do it alone, nor did she have any power in so doing. I get that there is some stigma behind what she did, but really, it was him. All him. He opened the door, and his pants. He was not incompetent or medicated. I understand why women want to blame “her”, its easier, you have no history. But I dont. It isnt her fault. It is OUR fault. HIS fault. And no, I have never been with a married man, I just see things differently.

    • BeckygreyNovember 15, 2012 at 9:06 am

      I agree with Susa. I didn’t think that she was giving Leann a pass on the behavior against this lady. I think that she was giving the perspective of we as women. We tend to put the blame on the women because we are connected to the man. We are in love with our husbands and any acknowledgement of his betrayal makes us blame ourselves.We made vows with the man in our lives. It was his obligation to “forsaken all others”. When we start holding men accountable for their actions they will change there behavior. Unfortunately, there are far too many other women that will jump in our place.
      In the case with Leann, it is her behavior that is appalling. She does needs to be accountable for what her part in the demise of the family and her behavior to destroy Brandi and her sons.
      But the initial affair should only be addressed to the men that we are married to and share our lives, family and beds.

    • AriellaNovember 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      Hi Susa,

      First of all, I would like to say that I am sorry that your marriage ended due to an affair. Infidelity destroys lives and families and I do not condone it from either party. However, I must disagree if your comment was made in an attempt to divert blame from Leann Rimes which I am assuming it was due to the post you commented on. However, we must not forget that Leann Rimes was also married at the time of her affair! Leann also befriended Brandi, (Eddie Cibrian’s former wife). There is no way anyone can excuse her behavior! Her actions were sneaky and callous!

      I believe that Leann Rimes should be held to a higher standard, due to the fact that she is, or shall we say was a role model to young girls. Her actions were repulsive and she acted quite inappropriately knowingly pursuing a married man all-the-while acting as a friend to the wife. There truly is no excuse for this and she is very much to blame. Yes, the men are at fault to, but I believe that in this situation, Leann Rimes should absorb more of the blame due to the fact of her friendship with Brandi.

      As I have stated many times, if more women respected other women and did not pursue married/involved men, there would be a lot less cheating.


      • JanetNovember 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm

        I agree with you Ariella,
        What she did was wrong and us LADIES should be sticking together and have each others back .. and NOT go after other women’s men. Especially, pretend you are friends with someone while sleeping with their husband/boyfriend behind her back !

  7. JanetNovember 13, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    I lost ALL respect for Leann Rimes ! What she did was wrong and she is setting a bad example for those kids. I think she is worst than Angelina Jolie !

  8. RitaNovember 13, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    LeAnn just tweeted about how she loves making wishes come true for handicapped children. Here’s my wish, LeAnn. Stop persecuting a teacher of handicapped children who is so kind and generous the woman has adopted 4 special needs children. LeAnn, you can get your publicity pictures taken with handicapped children every day for the next thousand years and it will not equate to one hour of genuine kindness shown by the magnificient woman you are suing.

    • DeanneNovember 13, 2012 at 6:41 pm

      Maybe Kim should have one of her kids apply to Wish Upon a Hero to ask for help to defend against the mental case suing their Mom and Sister. Does the charity not know what LeAnn is doing? She is the most obvious, charity for PR celeb I’ve seen other than Kim, Haiti photo op, Kardashian. Seriously, others pay and she takes credit and a photo op. That charity should know that she is trying to ruin a family that includes special needs children. LeAnn is disgusting and has no heart and a blackened soul.

  9. CarolNovember 13, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Great article. I love that the poll is 100% against this lawsuit and Leann Rimes. But I’m sure Holly, day one fan of leann, will come in, excuse leann again and bow her head.

  10. DeanneNovember 13, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    LeAnn seems to be frustrated by the fact that the majority of the public see through her and is taking it out on the women she is suing. It’s like they represent everyone who doesn’t like her. She tweeted for three years about her perfect life, absolute lack of remorse for the damage she’s done to others, complete bliss and unbelievable love for and from her ill gotten gain of a husband and then after a month of celebrating her birthday, she cries bulled and enters fake “rehab”. They she sues someone she basically stalked. She was completely off the radar and then her mess of a personal life shone it on her again and even though it was for negative reasons, she decided she wasn’t letting the attention go anywhere. In the fashion of a spoiled brat, she’s decided that not only is she owed attention, the response from everyone MUST be positive. She is deluded and a has been who now basically looks like a vindictive, unstable liar. Isn’t her next album filled with songs telling everyone her side of the affair yet again? How many times do the public have to hear how she’s the victim in all of this?

    • blockedbyleannNovember 13, 2012 at 6:22 pm

      Very accurate comment! Yet, she wonders why after 3 years the public still doesn’t like her! Hello, Leann uhmm you are posting like a mad woman via twitter and spitfire social club about your ill gotten family, your upcoming album based on the affair and how proud you are of it as well as doing interview after interview about your cray cray actions! At this point I seriously believe she can’t help herself and until she gets professional help not at a nice lil spa, she will continue to self destruct! Karma tho, Karma!

  11. Piss on you LeannNovember 13, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Was it really worth it Leann?
    You are an absolute laughing stalk.
    It cost you your career.
    You will never be respected by your peers.
    but mostly…all the innocent people you hurt.
    Christmas is coming and a family of 8 will suffer at your selfish expense.
    You have somebody elses husband and her children 50 percent of the time. There is no love in your household for you.
    Was it worth it Leann?

  12. AnnaNovember 13, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    T-Shirt idea: Sluts ♥ sloppy seconds!

  13. TaraNovember 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Is Leann Rimes still actually famous? I never hear here music anymore!

    • blockedbyleannNovember 13, 2012 at 6:17 pm

      No she is not famous anymore for her music. Her last album released just over a year ago only sold 27,000! She has a new album scheduled to be released in early 2013 that is based entirely on the affair! She says she is very proud of it and one song “Borrowed” is utterly disgusting to listen to. She bragged that she played the album for the boys and they loved it! Now, does that sound normal to you?