Nathan Fleming — Greenville, South Carolina

Nathan Fleming — Greenville, South Carolina

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He left ME HIGH and DRY after agreeing to pay the bills…then it was half the the bills….then it was NONE! So he was busted sending 100s of dollars on online girls half his age while his son needed a new bed so bad he slept on an akr mattress on the floor. I dumped my retirement fund on our hoise and bought his children all new furniture only to find this out 6 months later. She is a pig and HE USED TO CALL ME FAT!!! If she thinks for ONE minute he will be faithful, she is sadly mistaken. She posts she is empathic but obviously IS FAR FROM IT AS SHE CANT FIND A FISH OF HER OWN OUT OF 7 BILLION PEOPLE. Its ok, that is how the Narcissist/Empath relationship works. She nurtures him till he finds a new source to drain dry.

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  1. SusiSeptember 16, 2018 at 10:40 am

    So you’re mad bc he didnot pay the bills? Lol get to work yourself.