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I’d like for you to share my story I need some advice on a situation I am in… I’ve been dating this guy for going on 10 years now and we have 4 kids together lately I have found myself pulling away from him bcz he drinks every night and calls me names on a daily basis like I’m fat and a worthless piece of s**** he tells me all the time I will never find anyone better than him … He’s also put his hands on me on multiple occasions and I’m so scared of him but I can’t find the strength to leave him or call the cops .. another problem is that he tells his mom everything and then she starts blowing up my phone saying nasty things to me I have become very depressed at this point and idk what to do I know I should leave him but I don’t know how I’m scared that he is going to hurt me with all the emotional and physical abuse he has put me through I’m starting to believe it in my head I just want to be happy again.

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