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Please keep annomous. I’m 36 yrs old. December 25th will mark 5 months of marriage and since then I’ve been nothing to him. He’s telling me the only reason he married me was I kept bugging him while a friend of ours told me he’s been wanting to marry me. He will not let me use my new name thinking I’m rushing things. The first 3 months was great and now it turned to worse. He kept blaming me things that I never did, takes his anger out on me, he spends more time on his phone then me his excuse is trying to make money. I don’t see him making money while he’s playing games. He never keeps his for anything. I have no money, no vehicle and no job. I pay child support for 3 kids and they are threatening to throw me in jail. We lost are 4 bedroom house cause he couldn’t pay rent so now we are in a small camper at a truck stop. I love him to death but I also don’t like how he’s treating me. I have no place to go and no friends to help. All shelters are full cause of the cold temperatures. I’m confuse and hurt. Part of me wants to stay and the other wants to leave.

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