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Hello I would like to keep this anon if it is ok for the readers of the page.

I would not say I have a problem, my problem left my house so no worries on my part. I do however have a couple of questions. When the term “Homewrecker” is used does it always have to be between two people that are married, dating, exclusive? This woman whom I thought I was helping moved into my house and destroyed my family, she infiltrated my home first. My husband and I were in the middle of a heated discussion which she invited herself into, my husband was angry with me and he and I were yelling at each other and it carried over to her. He did as he always does and leaves to cool down for an hour or so. Ok family one down. About a month later she moved in with my brother and his wife and kids. They had relations it is not hard to figure out. Wife still don’t know or is turning a blind eye not sure don’t care. The HW has made my mother out to be a bad guy in all this and that is not the case. She has also made pretty much everything about her. She has since left from here and the state in which I live…she has moved on to play with someone else’s emotions that is her whatever. In her wake she has pretty much told lies on all of us stolen from us by stolen I don’t mean material things I mean security things like that. I have a lot of information on her and screen shots of messages between her and others and her and my family do I hold on to them until the right time or do I send them to where they need to go, or should I just stay out of it? I have nothing to gain doing any of the mentioned other than validation that I was right when I got yelled at by my sister in law about certain things…So at this point what I am asking is two things Does a homewrecker only include married people or is it any home, and what should I do with the info I have?

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