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Okay, it’s a bit long but here goes….It has been ten years since my now ex cheated with a then 18 year old….I backed off let them do their thing…moved on as well as I could…Our son was only 15 months when it all started…Everything would have been ok if not for me finding out that she was hiding the existence of my ex having a son from her entire family and he sitting by allowing the lies to accumlate. I did some investigating myself and found out who her mother was….It only took me four years lol…His parents also helped keep his lies going for those years as well…They sit in the same waiting as her parents the whole time while these people are assuming everyone is awaiting the arrival of their first child…..well naw 2nd actually….to get back on track I found her mother and come to find out her own father did the same thing to their family when she was a kid….Sad you would think she would know better right? She had no idea about our son or that he had been married…She also said that it explained a lot of things she didn’t understand about him…He is 6 years older than her so her mother disapproved of the relationship from the get go and said she would have tried to stop it…Well again 10 years later and his dad doesn’t have anything to do with him… He has went three years without even visiting him or even a phone call.The three times he did visit when he was older he said he was not comfortable there…I had heard through his family she was jealous because her kids may feel threatened by the relationship between the two…Also trying to explain to a child why there are no pictures of him in his dad’s house is rough…Know good and well that I have sent recent ones through his parent’s for my ex to have….Such a sad fact to know….I just don’t understand because I have not even seen this man in 10 years nor have I contracted him in any way via text, social media ect…etc…That’s 100% truth no crazy baby mama stuff Like I said I backed off and moved on and still to this day I have no desire to see or talk to him….His parents were our mediators which was great for a while, other than finding her mother I was a perfect ex… But I feel like that was for my son’s defense and I have been a descent person to co-parent with…I seriously do not bother him at all and I still will not ever try to. WHAT do you all think about him?

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