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I have a coworker that followed a man for 9 yrs from state to state knowing he had a family. They had a 9 yr affair. She brags about it and says she “just couldn’t stay away. ” Last yr the wife found out she had moved to Ky from Fl and said enough, they had split up before but he always promised to leave her alone. Now him and my homewrecking coworker are engaged, and I just can’t seem to even pretend to be happy for her. I hear her say vile things about the ex wife and how she is an upgrade and I just can’t believe she is so happy about helping to break up a home. I just can’t look her in the eye and congratulate her with sincerity and secretly I can’t wait til he gets bored with her and dumps her or cheats on her. Is that awful of me!?

I think a lot of it is age. He is 38 and she just turned 25, he was her manager/supervisor at a large retail chain. Her family and her are estranged because of this, they do not approve at all. Smh. I hope I’m not invited to her wedding or shower. I just can’t. Do you have friends that you just can’t be happy for because of the way things fell in place and it’s wrong??

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