Nola Michaud Garvais — She’s a useless FLEA!! TWANT!

Nola Michaud Garvais — She’s a useless FLEA!! TWANT!

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This 40 year old thinks she’s 15 years old home wrecking neighslore thrives on men that are taken or married. She plays the victim constantly. She uses her past to get her attention with telling men how she was beaten and her daughter was molested and her son abused from her ex, making men think that she’s broken and needs rescuing “damsel in distress” syndrome. She tells them her whole story, gives them a few “teenage giggles and flirts” and BAM they become putty in her hands and uses her evilness to control them. She portrays to be innocent and no one has to worry about her being “that woman” that would break a family up. This slore was told many times to stay away, she said she only talked/texted to my husband about her son when he would hang out with our son. Telling my husband she’s “addicted to him” and she’s having “withdrawals” and to hurry up and come see her or she would text him saying something along the lines of “hello my handsome sexy good looking neighbor” or “where are you? I miss you” or “that thing you’re married to is in the driveway, maybe I should invite her over for coffee and tell her everything” or “you was amazing last night”, that really sounds so innocent and focused on the almost adult children *eyes rolling*. She uses her son to get her phone numbers of men she’s planning on heavily pursuing, she also uses and it’s been very confirmed by very reliable sources that she has her son run to get her “uppers” like Ritalin, Adderall etc etc. This slore was not only actively heavily pursuing my husband she was and still is pursuing my best friends now ex because of this slore at the same time! From what I understand this FLEA is screwing 7 yes you heard me right, SEVEN men at the same time all while continuing to have a claimed “boyfriend”. This TWANT (twat/cunt) really doesn’t know how to keep her nasty manly legs closed! B1tch looks like a MANLY Aunt Jackie from the Rosanne TV show. Karma’s coming for this used up cvm dumpster and she’s gonna be knocked the fuk out! I had to sell my damn house because this thing lives literally right next door!!! So if you’re looking for a sleazy used up old roast beef twat go find this FLEA, “she’ll always have her door opened and make sure you leave pleased” according to another text she had sent to my husband. B1tches have no morals or self respect anymore, she’s definitely very broken on the inside. Took me 9 1/2 months to discover this affair, she really thought he would choose her, I wonder how she liked tasting my seconds HAHAHAHAHA!!! She’s a man I swear! Look at that manly face with the UNIBROW, HUGE manly nose and very manly jaw line. FLEAbag is the only appropriate name I can give her, fleas are nothing, useless, annoying, non stop blood sucking piece of sh1t!!!

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