Pamela Rodriguez-Velez i hope you see this one day i hope you feel something after this

Pamela Rodriguez-Velez i hope you see this one day i hope you feel something after this

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Since the first day she started seriously the very first day she started she cheated on me and my twin daughters. She got caught like every other idiot who cheats. After two days of texting this other filth she sent him nude pics told him she was going to swallow his cvm in two days!!! I was disgusted I was mortified I was sick every time I looked at her that’s why since then I always liked fuking her from the back. I stayed for the children’s sake because this Sociopath was not capable of taking care of my children. I stayed after she begged after she cried after she gagged on my di*k being shoved down her throat. The cvnt still had the nerve to see that prick. She bailed om her kids to go smoke with friends she left me alone with my daughters which in fact were the best times when she wasn’t around, just to cheat and in the end she got rejected. Stupid b1tch wasn’t even smart enough to cheat on me the right way and then her dumba55 went into a depression because of it . I asked her to her face why she do it. This idiots respeonse was “I didn’t wanna look lame” by far the dumbest creature i have ever been with and my children are forced to call her mom. She can’t control her temper my bruises speaks for that she is a mental abuser blamed me and had me thinking it was my fault she couldn’t keep her legs closed. She’s an emotional abuser using my childhood traumas against me so she could try to hurt me. After her dirty a55 was rejected boy did she send me a bunch of dirty a55 Cellulite filled A55 pics and vids. Then she has the nerve to hit me in front on my kids cut herself in front of my kids and still blame me? Trash simply disgusting maggot filled trash l. Gave up never tried always failed at everything being a mother being a wife beignets a partner hell being a sl00t those slore deserves nothing but the worst. But she’ll find out the hard way kharmas a b1tch and she’s cvmming in this slores face like I did for a year. Ps she swallows on the first date im not a man of faith but i want to say this, ill pray you see this one day pamela i hope this right here breaks you into pieces. i gave you everything i had onlyfor you to come into my life and ruin it for your bullsh1t excuses not once have you ever not blamed me or blamed your issues on someone else. you never blamed yourself. you used our daughters in your sh1t lies you lied on their lives and never fuking felt a single bit of remorse. you used me, you manipulated me you threw my childhood traumas to my face saying “you deserved it” you didnt deserve me i didnt deserve you mental emotional and physical abuse. you once sad i wish i aborted these girls, well im saying this now i wish i could abort you now at this moment. i hate you pamela rodriguez-velez more than youll ever know

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