Paul Newman, washed up cheater & shameless liar

Paul Newman, washed up cheater & shameless liar

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Paul cheated on his wife with a girl less than half his age. He took advantage of a barely-legal teenager; using her youth and naivety to make himself feel better about his sorry life. He fed her every line in the book like “my wife and I don’t love each other”, “she hasn’t touched me in years”, “it’s only a matter of time and paperwork until we split”, etc. His lies were unnecessary and over the top, such as trying to impress the girl by lying about owning a music store that he was merely the manager of. Paul even went so far as to lie to her about falling in love with her… or perhaps he really is so pathetic he could “fall” for a mere fuk toy he manipulated and lied to every step of the way. The kicker? He had the nerve to try the same bullsh1t on the same girl 4 years later; still with his wife, still going nowhere in life, and still trying to bed little girls…

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