Persephone R Snow — What a lynx!

Persephone R Snow — What a lynx!

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My ex wife, Lacey Guthmiller, always tells everyone that my fiancé, Persephone, ruined our marriage, even tho Lacey informed me a month after I moved out because of constant fighting that she’d had an affair, conceived the child I’d called my daughter, and opted to never tell me she may not be mine. So since Persephone has to take the homewrecker wrap from the local community in spite of my sharing screenshots of Lacey professing to the four months of adultery and two years of paternity fraud, I figured I’d just post up here and let the world know that Persephone Rhiannon Snow has the literal best pu55y I’ve ever had the pleasure of being inside of, I WISH something as beautiful as her had been why my former farce of a marriage crumbled, and Lacey sells weed out of the home day care she runs and denies it to anyone who ain’t buying and then sends people to yell at me on Facebook when I warn the mothers of these children that they’re at risk of shady buyers in and out all day, as well as potential drug warrants during business hours. 🙃 So, look out for that, and if you see Seph and I making googley eyes at eachother in public any time soon, just know we are lost in the throes of the ecstasy of not being around people who fuking lie to us and everyone around them. 💋

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