Rachel Nicole Lannen Desperate sloot exposed

Rachel Nicole Lannen Desperate sloot exposed

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This girl is none other then a desperate homewrecking sl00t. She had an affair with my husband for over two months. The affair started off with her luring my husband online and talked him into sending her money for naked photos and videos of her. I eventually found out and proceeded to call her out, just for her to lie and tell me I had the wrong girl. Meanwhile she continued to talk to, flirt with, and encourage him to leave his PREGNANT wife and FOUR CHILDREN to be with her. She did not know about me, but when she found out about me and was sent photos of the two or us together as well as photos of our children that proved we are in fact together, she continued to talk to him without a care. She was not angry for being lied to. She still tried to snatch a father from him kids, a husband from his wife. She has no morals, no self respect, no integrity, no regard for other human beings (children are obviously no exception to her), no respect for relationships. Do not trust this girl she is so selfish and only cares about her own happiness. She is a worthless desperate slore. This girl wrecked my world, turned our whole lives upside down, destroyed my marriage, sent my husband and I to therapy. And she feels not one ounce of shame, guilt or remorse for what she has done. Only thing she feels is heartbreak because she actually thought he was going to leave his wife and mother of his children for her and realized he ain’t! This slore and my man NEVER EVEN MET IN PERSON and never will and she can’t stand that she lost at her own game! Just to add – he never left his wife to be with her. Side B1tches NEVER win.

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