Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca Jensen

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Rebecca ‘Becca’ (maiden name Ritchie) Jensen, birthdate 1980, is in our opinion a behaviorally unstable woman who brags about her drinking and knowingly cheats (using Becca’s two separate phone numbers) with various men who are in relationships and encourages these men to both emotionally and physically abuse their partners. Becca Jensen has three children, refers to herself as a “bad person”, who is “crazy”, “hates people” and “keeps secrets”. Becca Jensen, while working for a “bad company” in the capacity of a Data Specialist, sent her torture-murder fantasies about women to some of these cheating creeps, as well as crafting a murder list with real life women’s names and researched jobs. Becca had the nerve to complain when the “bad company” laid her off in Spring 2020! Becca Jensen also complains that “having children has been unkind to me, in many ways,” whines about “the nightmare of her life” and having to parent her children. Becca also badmouths her mother, her sisters, her deceased fiance T’s family, all while she lies to her family, manipulates those around her and enjoys causing abuse and drama in complete strangers’ lives. Becca Jensen has previously let it slip about her keeping two phone lines, in our opinion so that she can facilitate her affairs with multiple men. Becca Jensen knowingly cheated with one of these POS (pieces of sh1t) while his relative was dying in late 2018, while his mother was hospitalized in 2019 and when another relative was seriously ill during the 2020 [REDACTED] pandemic. As a mother who prioritized her affairs over her children’s welfare, in our opinion Becca invaded her adolescent daughter’s privacy by sending a photo of her daughter to this man and heartlessly dumped her young son out of her (the cheater’s words) dirty, cluttered home when he visited her and became irritated with her kids. This toxic interaction between Becca Jensen and this cheating POS later resulted in physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse, criminal charges and financial destitution, but Becca Jensen, not satisfied with the pain that she helped to inflict upon this cheater’s elderly parents, continued with her deception and drama. If you don’t want drama and damage in your personal life or at your company from a manipulative, drama seeking, callous bottom feeder, we suggest that you avoid Becca Jensen. This sloppy seconds (or thirds or fourths, depending on how many side pieces the individual is question is cheating with) is not worth all of the drama that she causes!

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