Rickey Jensen — Redding, California

Rickey Jensen — Redding, California

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This is Richard Jensen aka Rickey Jensen. Richard is a womanizer , he forces women to give him sex and turns around and says he got taken advantage of. Rickey also likes to control and beat women. He has STDs and likes to pass it around. Rickey likes dating girls that are married . He sees it as a challenge. Rickey also has a long term spouse and cheats on her. Rickey also loves to have threesomes with his best friend Andy and his wife Gabrielle. Gabby and Rickey always have this secret relationship and Andy don’t mind sharing his wife. Rickey also does major drugs . He lives off other people and doesn’t even has his own place. He calls women cunts and puts women Down . He always hangs out at the cottonwood bar and has sex with women in the parking lot than beats then afterwards. Cottonwoods finest.

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  1. Lol530November 30, 2018 at 2:41 am

    The woman who post this name is star garmendia..well that’s her stage name her real name is Ashley garmendia lives in Corning California and likes to make up stories. None of these accusations are true but feel free to investigate who she really is. LOL it’s not worth anybody else’s time.. PS she’s just mad she got dumped and that her 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies have no Financial figure. Boohoo call one of their daddy’s for some child support

  2. DoItRightJune 12, 2018 at 9:44 am

    Well until at least ONE of you “forced” and “beat” as he calls you” c**ts grows some hair on your pumped by Rickey clams, he will continue to do this to girls and women. YOU are his greatest enabler !