Robert Cook — All he wants is what’s between a woman’s legs

Robert Cook —  All he wants is what’s between a woman’s legs

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If you ever see this man Robert Cook! Run! Run fast as you can!! He has ruined so many relationships and woman!! He doesn’t care if your married or not, all he cares about is getting into your pants!! He treats woman like they are Princesses, and adores them beyond belief, once you fall in love with him he is gone off to his next flavor of the week!! He is like unnatural, his sexual ability is beyond what myself and several woman I’ve spoke to has ever encountered!! I have dated several men since our last encounter and sex now is just boring!! He was with an 19 year old a few years ago and she has since confided in me that she can’t have a healthy sexual relationship because she is expecting a lot more from guys and that they cannot compete!! I’m not trying to make him out to be the greatest lover, because he is not!! You will get your heart broken, he loves Jim Beam Whisky, Hank Jr, and girls who have big butts!! You have been warned!! Stay away from this guy if you are ever in Hilliard, Ohio!!!

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