Robyn Grimes Bennett St Marys, West Virginia

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My husband and Robyn went to high school together. They had been friendly towards each other for years and I never worried. The trouble began the night of their high school reunion. Robyn was recently divorced and would not stop talking about her situation with her ex-husband. She stayed closely by my husband’s side the entire night, never letting him get more than a few feet away from her. I was not thrilled about the amount of attention this woman was commanding from my husband, especially when one of their classmates (who had a little too much to drink) approached me and made a comment about ‘how pissed she’d be if another woman were hanging all over her husband like Robyn was’. Although I was less than pleased with the situation, I never would’ve predicted that this woman would soon ruin my marriage.

About a month after their high school reunion, I received a text message from our wireless provider informing us that we had exceeded our data limits for the month. When I went online to view our usage, I noted a HUGE amount of texts between my husband and Robyn (as in, all day, every day for the entire month). I saw the times of the texts, some as late as 3am (my husband does not normally stay up that late). My suspicion drove me to check my husband’s phone, where I saw hundreds of texts back and forth. Both of them were bashing their spouses and talking about how horrible their marriages were. Things progressed within the messages to my husband talking about leaving me, saying he wasn’t sure if our daughter was his, and that if I weren’t pregnant, we wouldn’t be together right now (I’m currently 7 months pregnant with our second child).

This woman was relentless in commanding my husband’s attention, to the point that she’d constantly be checking up on him if he didn’t immediately respond and asking where he was and why he wasn’t texting her back. When I discovered the messages, I immediately told Robyn that I read the messages and wanted all communication to end between her and my husband. Sure enough, she couldn’t stay away and attempted to contact him a week later, which I immediately intercepted and reminded her that she was not to contact my husband. However, my husband created a secret email account and continued to talk to her, even apologizing on my behalf when I first asked her to not talk to my husband. Since then, all trust between my husband and I have been shattered.

When I first discovered the situation between my husband and Robyn, he openly admitted that it had gone too far between them and that he’d never speak to her again. In fact, he even mentioned how annoying it was that she was being so clingy and needy. However, when he’d talk to her, it was the exact opposite story. My husband was talking out of both sides of his mouth the entire time. Although they never met up or touched each other, she was tilling the grass and looking for somewhere to plant her skank seeds, with no regard to the beautiful flowers that she was tilling up. And he allowed her to till away. My trust in my husband has been destroyed. I’m preparing to deliver our second child, on top of preparing for my husband’s 13 month deployment to Afghanistan. All sense of security has been ripped out from underneath me and I’m entirely alone in dealing with this.



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  1. jh1289March 9, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    So is the daughter his?? You never said!

  2. WickedBitchJuly 27, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Take the time he is a way to focus on you. Do whatever you want to make yourself feel confident and attractive to you! Go out and have fun with your girlfriends and have fun! Take the kids out places and have fun. When he realizes that you aren’t worrying about him and her ( you probably still will be but you won’t let him know it) he may get it through his head what an awsome person he is passing up to be with a complete whore! In his words a clingy, needy whore! I think what he is getting off on is the fact that there is two women who want him, stop giving him that option!
    That is just my opinion.

  3. AWifeJuly 27, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Wooowwwww there seem to be a new WV home wrecker everyday!!!! Whoreville!!! My home wrecker lives there!

  4. lisaJuly 27, 2013 at 12:05 am

    She sholud have left your husband alone but it is his fault to