Ronnie Martinez — Amarillo, Texas

Ronnie Martinez — Amarillo, Texas

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So I added this guy on Facebook we had mutual friends so no harm sent a message asking if we had meet or knew each other then he proceeds with sexy this beautiful this I was like slow down guy. Then he was like I’ll buy you lunch or dinner whatever you want sweetheart damn I just asked if I knew you then he goes on and I ask questions if he’s single he states no Married but not happy getting a divorce. Ok things didn’t add up he starts sending me pictures and telling me where he is working come see him and I was like way to pushy. So I started browsing Facebook I noticed a mutual friend had a picture of her and the same little baby as he had so I friended her and then messaged her. Guess what this sorry piece of shit is married out looking for side pieces. WTF man you got a wife at home and baby and you are out looking for side pieces this guy is sickening. I apologized to the wife that I had to break the news to her and apparently it’s not the first time sad situation for this woman and her baby. If you see this POS run as far away from him as you can he ain’t worth shit he’s a liar and a wanna be.

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