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So the other day I was leaving work headed out to grab some lunch and my boyfriends new truck drives right by me in the next lane over. At first I thought he was just messing with me, maybe he had seen me pull out of the parking lot on his way to surprise me or something sweet like that. Little did I know this was gonna be a whole different kinda surprise. So I start to speed up and try to get next to him expecting for him to roll his stupid tinted windows down and say something cute but when I get next to him… nothin. Not a peep, not a crack, not an inch. Those windows stayed tightly shut, and that cabin amerced in darkness. So now I’m thinking to myself, “Relax CRAZY… it’s probably not even his truck”, so I fall back thinking it’s just someone else. Pretty sure Ford made more than ONE F-150 in 2018… so the truck starts to drive past me again when to my surprise I get an alert on my iphone, and what do ya know, it’s my boyfriends New Truck asking me if I want to re-join it’s Mobile WiFi HotSpot Network, how exciting!!!… and f**k yes I want to join this sh*t. Count me in… at this point I know something is up. I have been driving next to my boyfriends truck now for like 5 miles and this MF has completely ignored me driving next to him???? No no no, something is definitelty up. I immediately start thinking there’s obviously gotta be someone in that truck that he doesn’t want me to see, he can’t be that spaced out running errands on the other side of town. So I go full psycho stalker b*tch and pull behind him and start following him. I wanna see where this MF is going, and low key in the back of my mind I’m still thinking he’s just f**king with me. So we’re driving, and driving, and I start to notice this dude is like headed out of town or something cause we get on the highway and start to drive up past the north side of town (AKA The FUN PART of Town) and THAT’S when he starts to exit the freeway. I have no FN clue what he’s doing out here, I’m definitely gonna be late getting back to work, but at this point IDGAF. I’m all in and the fact that he has no idea that I’ve been following him this whole time is priceless. As he exits the highway headed into “THE FUN PART” this dude pulls right up to the local strip joint and starts to pull around back. At this point I couldn’t possibly be more weirded out and either this is the biggest joke he’s ever played on me or my boyfriend is literally pullin up to the strip club at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, full early bird special type sh*t. I put my car in park and decide that I am officially done with this game and I want to know WTF is really happening. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years and never once have I seen him step foot inside a strip club. The only time (that I know of) was when my a$$ dragged him to one a few years ago on a Vegas trip after  a few too many WHEEL OF FORTUNE BIG SPINS w/VODKA CRANBERRY chasers… and even that wasn’t easy. I start calling his phone and no answer. I try again and this time it goes straight to voicemail. I send him a text and ask him what he’s doing, curious to see how far this thing will go… no response. As I’m about to walk right up into this Strip Joint in full Calvin Klein pant suit business attire I see his truck pulling out of the parking lot and he’s got his window down this time… only it’s not him. It’s some THOT, Home Wrecker, Sally Jo Pole Dancer headed out of this strip club, window down, cigarette lit, big hair flying all over the place, Pu$$Y Glitter Poppin… and SHE drives by lookin RIGHT AT ME, in my mans Truck!! Hell 2 the NO. I pull out and start after this trick, trying to keep my cool, thinking as soon as this chick hits a red light I’m gonna get out of my car and pull this chicks nappy A$$ head right out that truck window, one extension at a time. Right as I’m about to beat the class onto this B*tch I get a text from my guy saying he’s at his “friends” house waiting for “HIS friends Girlfriend” to get back with his truck. When I asked him wtf some chick was doing driving around in his brand new truck… he said that they were working on his buddies car and this chick needed to go by her work and pick up her paycheck… SMH. Well good for you make that money girl, just don’t use my boyfriend to do it. This so called friend of my boyfriend is a total douchebag that he hasn’t hung out with in years, so whether or not he really is banging some stripper is anyones guess. I wouldn’t put it past him, definitely his kind of “Clientele”, I just wanna make sure my boyfriend isn’t one of them. Not sure yet the jury is still out on this one. Though I Keep telling him I’m dying to meet this new “friend” of theirs and I’m keeping my schedule WIDE OPEN for any upcoming double dates or Main Stage Appearances she might want our support for. I don’t know what to believe TBH. This D Bag friend of my boyfriends is the type that would go along with some BS cover story just to have “his boy’s” back. I looked this chick up on Facebook and there was definitely some interaction with my boyfriend and her a few weeks ago around the time I saw her in his truck, before he knew, that I knew, WHAT WAS UP. Then a few nights ago I had go into CVS at like 2am and guess who I run into… you guessed it, Little Miss Tiny Dancer roaming the ilses “spracked” TF out. Literally ran up to me and started talking to me like we were best friends that hadn’t seen each other since grade school. She was definitely on something, this chick would not shut up. I tried talking to her about what TF was really going on but the B*tch would not stop talking and to be honest with you… CVS at 2 am doesn’t exactly put me in a “Chatty Cathy” type mood. Barely said two words to her and to this day have no clue what she was talking to me about all I know is that she was really excited about it and wouldn’t stop until she showed me every article of makeup she was purchasing. Once again, good for you girl, just do less… like way less… like the least… next to nothing actually…. Fk it just do nothing. We might wall be better off. My boyfriend has been sober for 6 1/2 years and if he is partying with this girl… the whole thing starts to make a little bit more sense. He has been acting kinda weird lately on top of everything else. Always up way too early… a little too “on top of things” if you know what I mean. If that’s the case then I will be there and support him in whatever way he needs me too as long as this Trifflin-Two-Step-Stripper was never in the picture. His friend hasn’t lived a sober day in his entire life so I know he’s partying with her. Either way I wish she would just be straight up about the whole thing. If I was messing with some dude and I found out he had a chick I sure as sh*t wouldn’t be co-signing his BS and spreading his lies for him. I would Woman TF up and tell that girl what her dude was up to right to her face, if given the opportunity. It’s so wrong on so many levels to help these guys get away with such deceit and betrayal. Why can’t these chicks ever do that and just come clean and have a girls back??? I know your out there, all you Home Wreckers LOVE to go on this Website and read about yourselves and the live’s you try to ruin… well listen up SWIM FAN, if your reading this and your a home wrecker, or at risk of becoming one, do yourself a favor and just back TF away from that situation as quickly and honestly as possible. Nobody is ever going to win in that scenario. Not you, not him, nobody. You may think you are winning the guy but the whole relationship is predicated upon some foul a$$ deciet that you’ll never loose the tarnish of. You are never going to be able to have a meaningful relationship with that person when the entire foundation is built upon careless acts of betrayal and mistrust.

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  1. THICCUS DICCUSNovember 21, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    I’m totally sure all of this happened.

  2. Truth SeekerMarch 28, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Wow, you sound absolutely psycho. Wouldn’t blame the guy for stepping out on you…

  3. MeeeMarch 28, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Sounds like you need to have a chat with your lying boyfriend

  4. NormalgalMarch 28, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Umm so she didn’t do anything with your man.