Samantha Steneck slept with my husband

Samantha Steneck slept with my husband

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Samantha steneck was babysitting me and my exhusbands 6yr son. Sometimes my husband would get home from work sooner then and and she has been caught drinking those white claw sparking alcohols. She was told many times a time that drinking is for a certain time and place. After a while I got sick of it but I noticed my husband wanted to keep her ( because it’s already so familiar to our family) I agreed but kept a close eye on the relationship. I bought a camera for in my home to make sure my suspicions were wrong. They weren’t wrong. She was having sex with my husband. She did have DRDs. I was glad she did so my a55hole of a husband would suffer. She will sleep with your friends. The closest ones to you. She will ruin your life. She loves to act like a sweet innocent lady but she a monster. Keep a close eye out for her. She will try and get closer and closer to your family. But she is just a sloppy cheater at the end of the day

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