Sarah Amador — The Truth Needs to be Known

Sarah Amador — The Truth Needs to be Known

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I’m not writing this as the woman scorned. When I was told this website existed and my friend had been posted on here, I was so sad for her. Sarah made it seem like she was the victim; That this man made her believe they would run away together and start over. We were all lead to believe “Poor Sarah”. Come to find out months later that is not at all what had taken place. I know the man she slept around with is a horrible person, but I also know that he informed Sarah numerous times that the affair needed to end. I know that Sarah expected him to abandon his wife, take their children and run away with her. She wanted their children. She wanted his wife to suffer because of how jealous she was over her. I wanted to believe it wasn’t true, that this sweet girl I had known for so long wasn’t capable of trying to tear apart a family. But then I saw the text messages and photos. And I know now that not only have I been duped, but all of Sarah’s friends, family, in laws and husband have been duped. And my heart truly breaks for them. I hope they see this post. I hope they question Sarah and the lies she has been holding on to for years, not just the two years she and this co worker were having this disgusting affair. I’ve seen the other posts about her and have to agree that it’s sickening to believe any woman or man would want to take the children away from a mother or father and have no remorse over it. She doesn’t even hold guilt for the affair itself. I implore her husband to be careful. You are loved by so many people, and she is not one of them. She does not care about hurting anyone. She is not who she makes herself out to be. And others should be wary of this woman too. Nothing about her is real, and I am glad that I am no longer affiliated with her. Prayer cannot help her. I don’t think anything can. She has some deep seeded issues that need to be addressed or more families will be destroyed.

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