Sarah Awad sleeps with married men and posts about it on instagram

Sarah Awad sleeps with married men and posts about it on instagram

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Sarah Awad lives in Cairo Egypt and so badly wants to come live in the United State. She went to visit my husband in San Diego at his apartment where is is staying for work currently away from me. She ended up staying with him for a couple months and he would fly back to see me. (He is not innocent in this obviously) When I suspected I confronted her on messenger and she denied it, but at the same time told me he doesn’t love me. I can see her posts on Instagram [REDACTED] inside my husbands car and apartment. He finally decided he had enough and sent her back to Egypt and told me the truth. (She is still lying to me about it) She has since deleted her posts and story from Instagram however I took a video of it all before she did. She is a stupid, ugly woman who goes around using men as she can’t keep one of her own. (she is nearly 40 and divorced – her husband didn’t even want her after he found out what a sl00t she is). She is a flight attendant with Egypt air and I heard from someone else that she offers sex to wealthy men once they get to a destination that she will be at for a stop over in exchange for money. She is basically a prostitute. She is also into drugs. Ladies watch out for this one she will do whatever she can just to feel wanted. Sarah Awad is still messaging my husband and sending him provocative nude photos.

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