Sarah E. Baley — A Warning: Horrible Human Being

Sarah E. Baley — A Warning: Horrible Human Being

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Sarah Baley is one of the most hypocritical, crazy and selfish people ever. We live in a small community, I have known this woman for a long time, could even consider us friends… But I have sat back and watched her bully everyone for far too long to not say anything. Being that we live in a small town and this woman is a tyrant, I am gutless to say in person what needs to be said, as she will not only take it out on me, but also my family including and not below being mean to children. The whole town felt bad for her when her husband was having an affair, even finally leaving Sarah and starting a new life; but what we as a community didn’t bother to do is look deeper, ask questions to both sides and wonder what that husband had endured during his years with this terrible woman. And I know, as I WAS one of her supporters. She has threatened to take his children away from him, came after him with a baseball bat, keyed his rig, would follow him around town and always yelling belittling comments to him… No wonder he left, who wants to live unhappily like that. Since the separation, she has tried to play the victim, but forgets to tell people how many men she’s dated since, which is about 5-6 (at least) and one of them being a local cop; to which she went on several unapproved ride-alongs and even as far as engaging in sexual activity that led to this cop having to either resign or be fired. And yes, she still denies being involved with this, even though she has admitted details of it that she would not know had she not been there, caught with the d1ck in her mouth. She is aggressive, will stalk people and even try to bully and intimidate people to get her way. I have seen her be verbally aggressive to the ex-husband and new girlfriend at her own kids’ sports games, and the mouth on this woman is worse than any sailor I’ve ever come across; she’s a horrible person, who shouldn’t be let around kids, let alone work at a [REDACTED]. I am literally scared for that community, not to mention the ex and his family; this woman will stop at nothing and will do anything within her power to get whatever she thinks she needs or is entitled to. I wish that I could say these things to her face, talk to the ex and show him my concern or even tell the members of the community how and what Sarah Baley really is. I’m so tired of watching her try to prance around this town with her nasty make up and fat a55, pretending that we are all so lucky for her gracing our presence, meanwhile she is a person that steals money from the local kids via non-profit sports activities, will bully other people’s children and lives in a piss and sh1t infested house because cleaning her house is beneath her… But caking the make up on and looking like she has it together is more important. B1tch, spend your money on your kids, keep your legs closed and for once focus on empowering yourself, shut your fat trap; no one cares what you have to say anymore, Sarah, the town is tired of listening to your bullsh1t. Oh, and that one guy you dated; he had a girlfriend, stop trying to wreck happy homes just because yours is not. You spineless, large gutted, pig of a woman who gives the rest of us a bad name. I had to get this out there, and I only know about this website because of Sarah when she used it previously trying to wreak havoc on someone else’s live, but I had to try to warn people of who this person really is; hopefully it will save some the headache that those of us who were “friends” with her have had to endure. If you see her, run and do not waste your time with this fake a55 piece of work, she is not nice and will use you in whatever way she can; d1ck, money, time, a spy… All of it is unhealthy.

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