Sarah Mueller — Redmond Oregon

Sarah Mueller — Redmond Oregon

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This dirty slore Sarah Mueller, She cheated her husband with my husband at work and now they’re actually together as a couple I was 6 months pregnant when they started having sex at work. When my daughter turned 2 we bought a house. she fuked him the whole time knowing that we were supposedly happily married I thought she’s a dirty cvnt watch out for this HO. On February 17th Harry Bottorff My now ex husband physically assaulted me so I called the police and he was arrested. We have been separated ever since. I hacked into his social media account from home and found more pu55y pictures then a porno!!!! Like 10 different women and at the same time hes telling Sarah he loves her! Hahaha ok so you mean to tell me this dumb fuk b1tch thinks hes going to be faithful to her !, um hello hes cheating on his wife hahahahaha.

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