Sarah Queale Matthews — Lying Cheating Wife

Sarah Queale Matthews — Lying Cheating Wife

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My wife of 9 years was Sarah Matthews (Queale) from London Ontario Canada. I caught her texting Adam Stiles from Wakaponeta Ohio after they met on a trip to Nashville. Total disrespect for her marriage, husband, best friend and partner. She hid it well and met with him at a hotel 4 weeks after they met. When I found out she promised me that she had cut things off. She begged me to stay. She vowed he was a loser and a nothing. For 8 months while we worked on things she told me they never communicated. Well I found out that they talked alll the time. Hooked up in his home town in January. Planning for more. Hooked up in Boston in March. How a person I loved and trusted could throw me away so easily and lie to my face for months while claiming to love me is beyond me. It is devastating. But it proves that this person is a terrible human at her core. A narcissist. A cunning self-absorbed piece of garbage. She is not worth my time and won’t be worth the next guys time.

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