Sarah Roberts — Devil in the disguise

Sarah Roberts — Devil in the disguise

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Everything this woman literally touches always goes up in flames. She’s like a walking black cloud. Sarah had been married for 9 years with 3 kids. In May on 2018, she contacted her old flame from high school named Josh over facebook. She sent him a simple message saying “Hi how are things”. He answered back with “Do I know you?” Josh was 39 living with his girlfriend of several years with 2 small kids and a teenage step son. After she told him that they once dated in high for 2 weeks or so they began to converse over FB messenger. At first he was hesitant because he noticed she had picked up weight in her pictures. She laughed and told him “no”, the picture he referred too, she was pregnant at the time with her son who was now 5. They began talking about how unhappy they were with their significant others. Josh would complain about how his girlfriend was lazy and how he had to do all the work around the house during the day cooking and cleaning and taking care of kids and then going to work at night. Sarah would complain about how she was the perfect mother taking care of three kids and how her husband was a deadbeat who was never home and she required him to pay her his full paycheck of $800 every two weeks and leave him with little to no money. She would brag about how she was a professional shopper, great at being a home designer all the while running a state licensed home day care. She would joke with him about how she was the worst child care lady in the world because she absolutely hates other people’s kids. She began to leave the house and sneak to talk to Josh on the phone while he was on his way to work in the evenings. She would also talk to him during her work hours while her day care kids would nap. She told her 10 year old daughter that she had fallen in love with Josh and that she wanted a divorce. But first she needed her husband to cosign on a refinance loan on their home with her parents. Their house was under a loan through her parents bank with very high interest and her mother could no longer keep up on the missed payments Sarah would purposely miss. Her mom had remodeled her home and was over budget by $30,000 and needed money quick and fast. They got the home loan of $79,000 and mom was able to pay off her bills and live comfortable again. So Sarah was now free by June to start her manipulating everyone around her to think that she was ready to be free from her loveless marriage and raise her kids on her own and become the strong woman she always wanted to be. She told her husband that she no longer loved him and she wanted him out of the house. Josh had convinced Sarah that her husband was paying her way too much money and that she should only make him pay her $500. Her husband was shocked, while he agreed that they had somehow fell into the daily live of raising kids and working that they somehow lost focus of their marriage. He begged her to fix their issues by going to counseling for the sake of their 3 kids, the youngest being 2 at the time. But she said a firm no. She had planned a family vacation to Minneapolis and demanded that her husband go with the flow and continue with the schedule vacation. Her husband’s six sense began to kick in so he started to snoop around and found messages between Josh and Sarah, but didn’t say a word. It was a week before their scheduled family vacation. By this time Josh’s girlfriend had also discovered messages. Josh told Sarah that he was putting his girlfriend out of the home because their house and car was his and he was sending her back to Iowa to be her with family. Sarah and Josh began making plans of moving in together and raising their combined kids of 5 together. Her husband confronted her about the affair and she told him it was true that she had fallen in love and that she already told their 10 year daughter. He husband was furious, he didn’t understand why she would drag their 10 year old daughter into that mess. Sarah convinced her daughter that her dad was a monster who didn’t want or love his family. Her husband reluctantly proceed on with the family vacation. Josh lived 5 hours away from Fargo and only an hour away from Minneapolis. Sarah texted him while in the car driving with her family that although they were so far apart that they still so near and how much she loved him and could not wait to start their life together. Josh told her that they were free to be together and he couldn’t wait to bend her over and give her what she had been missing. After vacation Sarah went on a so called fad diet to quickly loose weight because of course she was fat nasty sal in real life. She basically starved herself. She told her husband he needed to be out of the house by the end July. Her husband sought out legal advice and was advised that he did not have to leave the martial home. Sarah then broke the news to her husband that him and her did not really own the home that they were living in for 7+ years and that her parents had ownership of the home. Her husband told her that if she wanted him to leave, then her parents would need to officially evict him because he was not just walking away from his kids. In reality, Sarah need her husband for his medical benefits and money. So she convinced her parents to evict her husband and her husband told her he would leave her with everything including the 2 cars and would start his life over from nothing. All he asked was that she didn’t take him away from his kids. By July Sarah was off to meet Josh for their first rendezvous. She quickly dropped 20 pounds and had spend several hundred dollars on new clothes and expensive perfume. Josh told her that he planned a romantic weekend for just the two of them and he couldn’t wait to show her off on the town. That weekend turned out to be a big flop. Turns out Josh lived nothing like he said. He lived in dirty old dump. They spend the weekend at his house getting drunk and smoking ****. She returned home making an emergency visit to the hospital for a nasty bladder infection but she in love more than ever. Josh saw her a sugar momma because she bragged to him about all the money she had. He moved his baby mother and kids back in after she left. He told Sarah that he had to let her come back because she had got kicked out where she was staying for being lazy. Sarah told Josh that he needed to start to file for full custody of his kids so he could move in with her. They planned a weekend in August to meet up as a family with their kids. Sarah planned their new family vacation for August 10th the weekend of her 10th wedding anniversary so she could avoid that day with husband. She booked the hotel about a half hour away from where Josh lived. She told her kids to tell their dad that they were going to their grandparents lake house for the weekend. Sarah drove to Josh’s house to meet his baby mother and to meet up with Josh so he could follow her to the hotel. That meeting was tense to say the least. Sarah pulled up and jumped out of her car and shook Josh’s girlfriend’s hand and said Hi, I’m Sarah. It was a brief meeting and they were off. Josh packed up his kids and kid’s tv so he could watch the football game while at the hotel with no distractions. He obviously had never stay at a decent hotel in his life and they just stayed at a Holiday Inn. They put all 5 kids (ages 10, 5, thru 2) in a separate hotel room so they could be alone. When they went out to eat as new family of 6 Josh had a panic attack from so much going on with the kids. Upon returning home Sarah’s 10 year old was exhausted from being stuck in a small hotel room over the course of the weekend taking care of 3 younger kids while Sarah and Josh were spending alone time in their hotel room. The poor thing was an emotional wreak. Sarah shrug it off and told her friend that her daughter was just angry because she decided to turn off the cable. In reality her daughter didn’t like Josh, and thought he was rude and she didn’t like the way he spoke to her mom. Sarah’s husband ended up moving into a small apartment the following weekend. Sarah began to alienate her kids from their father and he feel into a depression from the constant hassle of getting to see his kids. Her mentality was that she was throwing him away replacing him with a new shiny man! Fast forward and come to find out, Josh had no license as a result of several DUI’s and did not own his car as he had told her, it was his ex-girlfriend’s. He felonies ranging from domestic violence, assaults, child neglect and child endangerment from an incident that occurred with his first daughter who was now 17. The following months Sarah started funding Josh’s trips to Fargo by buying him bus tickets. She cleaned him up by buying him new brand name clothes and shoes and requesting that he shave his unibrow. He lived like a complete filthy pig, his electricity was even shut off. She needed him to look the part of the perfect boyfriend. Josh’s baby mother had moved out with the kids into her own apartment. By February, Josh had moved in with Sarah and got a new job. His children’s mother filed for child support. He quickly learned how selfish and self absorbed Sarah was. He would make trips to visit his kids and stay at his ex’s home all the while being drunk the whole weekend. He used his weekend away from Sarah as a relief, the pressure of having to play the role of the perfect boyfriend was get weary. During his child support case her wore old dirty clothes appearing in front of the judge pleading his case that he could not afford to pay child support because he needed to help his new girlfriend with her expenses and he needed pay her $1300 a month plus spends $500 in food. Meanwhile all they do is eat because turns out Sarah can’t cook, she’s actually a non functional codependent adult child who is taken care by her mother with whom she share a bank account with. She even sleeps in the same bed as her mom when she goes to visit her. Josh calls his baby mother constantly to complain about how selfish and self absorb Sarah is. He complains that he never gets a weekend alone with Sarah because her husband won’t take the kids. Even through it is Sarah who is alienating her kids from their father. This story is still on going…… with Sarah expecting Josh to marry her immediately following her divorce, Hopefully they will get their fairytale ending that they have always dreamed of. Seems like a match made in HE(double hockey sticks)!!!!! She has somehow managed to slipped through the cracks of having an ex-felon live in her state licensed run home daycare. She just claims he doesn’t live there. Evil is as evil does and what goes around comes right back around. Here’s too wishing you all the best of luck. May you live happily never after.

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