Sarah Stewart — Springfield, Tennessee

Sarah Stewart — Springfield, Tennessee

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Where to start? Well, I guess at the beginning. It was March of 2015 when my ex-husband went to a real estate seminar in Clarksville. We were both supposed to go but I had work early the next day. So he went. Came home an hour and a half After the seminar ended. With roses for me. In our almost two years of dating by this point, he had Never bought me roses period. He got mad at me for asking why he was so late. This was a Thursday. By Saturday we had gone to Dave and Busters with our friends and had an amazing time.The next day we spent napping and getting ready for another workweek. He left for three hours after our nap, didn’t come home until almost nine. He claimed he had another real estate seminar to go to and that he wanted a divorce when I confronted him about why he left without telling me where he would be and what time he would be back so I would not have to wait on him for dinner. Who has a real estate seminar to go to on a Sunday?

No. It was her. That Wednesday after he took me to a notary and forced me to sign divorce papers under threat of hiring a lawyer to make me sign and then pay for the cost. Three days after filing, he takes this ugly bitch to the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville on a date. He had sex with her in her home in Springfield that night and then bought her red blinds at the Walmart in her town the next day. When I asked him where he was and who he was with all that weekend(I found receipts in his laundry and her hair all over his clothes from that weekend when I did laundry a week later.), he lied and said he had gone to see Dave whom he had met at the real estate seminar a week before. That was a lie. Every single weekend for the next two months of the grace period of our divorce process, he would leave every weekend to go see and fuck her, but still use me every week until he went to Alabama for job training for a month mid-April. I would find condoms in his clothes before he left, he would start locking his phone and taking it in the shower with him. Yet he would lie to me and say he was not seeing anyone else and that he would change his mind about the divorce at the last minute. I was fool enough to believe him and to beg him to reconcile, only for him to get angry with me and leave for her place for the night. I would walk in on him speaking to her sometimes, she has a very high pitched annoying voice, after he would lie to me and say he was speaking to his mother. He became increasingly hostile with me as the weeks past, and more signs his cheating ways would come through. I would find condoms in his clothes, items in our house would end up missing, things like that. He had me kicked out of the house two weeks before he was set to come home, and had me falsely arrested so I would not be able to be near him after the Divorce went through. He did all of this on the homewrecker’s orders so they both would not get caught committing adultery and not have their careers destroyed in the process. My ex would continue to trick me a week after it was finalized and had me over, saying he didn’t mean it and that he had been with No one else. He did this for a month and used our correspondence to get me arrested again. It wasn’t until August that he contacted me again to trick me, and like an idiot I still believed him. By this time he had made a Facebook, added this homewrecker, and immediately blocked me. Two weeks later I would drive by them in his car. He claimed it was not her, that she had a boyfriend and didn’t like black guys. He was at her place all that weekend as I came to find out later, and had me over for sex the very next day. I am disgusted with myself for ever believing his lies. A month later he told me it was her mother in the car and that Sarah had been ‘Daves wife’, Dave who he met at the real estate seminar right? A month after that is when he finally decided to go public with her yet still refused to admit he lied to me. I filed a complaint with her work. Both had to lie in order for her to not get into trouble. But I found she claimed to have met him end of March through a ‘friend’ and knew he wa going through a divorce and didn’t get romantic until after. A lie. He claimed to have met through a mutual ‘friend’ mid April. Another lie. Both Denied having met at the seminar, so I know it must have been a dating website then. The fact of the matter is that thevy

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