Sarah VanCuren — Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarah VanCuren — Las Vegas, Nevada

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This girl is vile, she is a sex crazed dope fiend. She is a homeless methhead that has genital wart, vanerial disease, yeast infection and a urinary track infection. She is a total slob. I’ve never seen a female who is so dirty nasty. She has nothing except her stupid ass mutts. I bet my bottom dollar that she has aids or HIV. My dumbass uncle let her stay with him and my cousins. And no joke she tried to have sex with my 13yr old cousin!! And when my 20yr old cousin came back into town she tried to screw him and he had to call the cops on her. He said after she shot up meth she turned into a sex crazed lunatic, she started finger banging herself begging him to put his dick in her. She told him that she wanted to be fisted and gang banged!! Seriously this girl is fowl. She leaves used hypodermic needles all over. My uncle had to evict her to get the stupid whore to move out. Anyone who knows her has been robbed by her. She talks in circles I do not know how she gets anything done. She accused me of stealing her phone then she found it and said I hacked it.

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