Saunya Lizmore — City of London employees at there finest!

Saunya Lizmore — City of London employees at there finest!

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This woman meet my husband through work. He is in maintenance and she works in park and rec. She persisted that he give her his number in case of an “emergency”. She then proceeded to call him constantly asking about his kids and his wife, playing the “cool friend”. This led to inappropriate pictures being sent which led to a 8 month affair (until they were caught). The pictures that this women sent to my husband were beyond disgusting. I have copies of everything. My husband is just as much to blame and I despise him just as much as her but after a year of trying to work things out I decided to leave a 18 year relationship. I just wanted to give a heads up to other good women with stupid husbands that this girl has absolutely no respect for anybody including herself. And will say and do literally anything to get what she wants. To bad for her in the end he wanted nothing to do with her.

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