Sephra Young — Manipulating, drd spreading, lying c*nt

Sephra Young — Manipulating, drd spreading, lying c*nt

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Sephra is a compulsive liar, manipulating, drd spreading wh*re. She has unprotected sex with 2-3+ men simultaneously which she promise to that they are ‘the only one’, as she uses each of them to fulfill a personal agenda (free food, music lessons, rent, car repairs, groceries, training). She lies through her teeth, manipulate, poses as a poor little victim to tug at heartstrings of genuinely good guys. She goes after unavailable men of they can serve her purpose and has no remorse of the chaos she leaves behind, latching on to them for as long as she can manipulate them until they see what kind of ugly two-faced faker she really is. She’s a trained CNA that cannot keep a job to save her life but it’s always because of everybody else, never her fault. She just refuses to take responsibility for her own actions and their consequences. Venom runs through her veins and is anything but poison. And just as she pretends to be a real ginger, she’s got the being without a soul part down. Bros – if any of you run into her, run the other way as fast as you can.

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