Shaddy Elsaghir, nasty manslore with no standards

Shaddy Elsaghir, nasty manslore with no standards

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Shaddy is a completely toxic and self-absorbed attention slore that desperately needs to grow up and get with the real world: it’s not the 1980’s anymore, you’re not half the rock n roll god you think you are and it’s not “cool” to surround yourself with lowlifes and groupie sloots. Shaddy is a slime ball through and through, yet acts like he’s hot sh1t. He sleeps on a stained mattress on the floor of disgusting slum party houses and will put anything vaguely resembling pepsi up his nose. Someone once told him he looks and plays guitar like Slash and now he acts like he’s God’s gift to rock music and to the world. His guitar playing is sloppy and predictable at best, and any charisma he may look like he has on stage is lost the second you try to have a normal conversation. Unless you’re going to stroke his overinflated ego about his music, he’s only interested in the next pile of cheap drugs and gross groupie b1tches to bang. Shaddy is a horrid lay, as he does way too many cheap drugs to keep his already too-small d1ck up and has no ‘moves’ or skill whatsoever. Regardless of whether you believe it’s about size of the boat or the motion of the ocean, Shaddy really has nothing to offer. He sleeps around with anything available, without protection or any regard for anyone’s relationships. He’s repeatedly cheated on his girlfriends and encouraged chicks to cheat on their relationships to hook up with him. He has faked being a friend to a guy’s face, while conspiring, cheating and partying with his girlfriend behind his back. Shaddy’s lack of integrity and skeeziness really knows no bounds… and his precious band “In/Vertigo” is just a sh1t show. They party way too much and practice far too little for a bunch of amateur hooligans that haven’t mastered the basics… their only saving grace is a drummer that can keep decent time and doesn’t associate with his moron bandmates, and the only real talent is the lead singer, who is unfortunately only being dragged down by the poor musicianship and immoral character of having a bandmate like Shaddy.

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