Shana Lohnes — Skanky, whale b1tch.

Shana Lohnes — Skanky, whale b1tch.

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This b1tch knew me and my man. “well EX “were together at the time. She ruined our relationship by telling everyone that her child is his, me and my man were together for four years and she didn’t know about us and she tried to play dumb that she said she didn’t know yeah right. As one of the people told me she don’t take care of her kids, she sleeps with men who are taken she don’t give a fuk about anyone’s relationship. Well anyways when she kept telling everyone about my ex man being the father. I literally spazzed out when one of my ex his friends told me and she was messaging him and telling him that it’s his child and he was stupid enough to believe it I told him to get a DNA test , so he asked for it and she said she won’t give a dna test. She spazzed out on him and blaming me and I told her right out don’t be pissy if you know if he is the father, you would give it out really fast and she told me it was none of my business and I told her we are in a relationship at the time and I told her I have every right to know and she don’t have the rights to say it’s non of my business when she was messing with a man who is taken and she sure ass hell know it we were dating. She stop talking to him. And I couldn’t get over the fact he cheated on me so I called it quits with him.

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