Shania Nicole Baldwin — Lakeland, Florida

Shania Nicole Baldwin — Lakeland, Florida

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Shania is a self-proclaimed saint who firmly believes in her absolute superiority over everyone. She promises the world and delivers nothing…but that’s never her fault. She was off partying when my mom died, and to this day has my dead mothers jewelry that she stole from her jewelry box soon after she passed. She brags about her conquests, which began with a pregnancy at 15 years old, bonus points for her baby daddy cheating on his now ex girlfriend with her when he impregnated her and gave her the clap….five different times. Her next classy move was to try intimidating the man’s girlfriend threatening physical violence….but alas, this occurred at her place of employment, Wal-Mart (Lmao, I know, Jerry Springer couldn’t write this sh*t), so her threats remained just threats. “I f**ked your boyfriend, you b**ch, how dare you exist. So Ima beat your ass abd continue f**king your old man do I can feel superior.” Stay far away.

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