Shannon Decair Rhoades — Woodbury, Minnesota

Shannon Decair Rhoades — Woodbury, Minnesota

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This “woman” left her husband of 28 years, and starting sleeping with a married man. They worked together, she was fired from that job and he left his poor wife and moved in with her, both of them still married! He had 14 affairs on his beautiful wife, poor woman, and they both ruined two families…she is clearly a self-centered, cheating whore and grandmother?! Her boyfriend walked out on his family and is still married even though they’ve been together more than 4 years?! These two selfish horrible individuals deserve each other!!?

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  1. JeffNovember 8, 2018 at 6:49 am

    What a total Bitch!! Maybe if she’d have kept her legs closed and believed in God, she wouldn’t have broken two families apart?! What are nasty women like this thinking??? Oh, that’s right – they’re NOT- they only think of themselves!!! Total scum!