Shaunte Smith aka Shaunte Monet

Shaunte Smith aka Shaunte Monet

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Shaunte Smith or “Shaunte Monet” as she likes to go by on social media and her supposed acting/ modeling career is a low life who get off sleeping and having affairs with engaged men. She knowingly pursued a relationship with my fiancé at the time. She pretends to be about positivity and acts as if she some inspirational survivor when in fact she survived cancer to be a homewrecker and a deadbeat mom. Who spends Christmas with a guy you began a relationship as the other women over your son. She from Bronx and trashy as they come. Even had the nerve to come to my home for a bbq knowing what she’d been doing and pretended to be nice and acting as if we should be friends. When I confronted her she had the audacity to be upset when I questioned her character. Has an incessant need to discuss me with my ex. She also believes he loves her and she is some prize cause she has him now when in fact he had no intentions of ever coming clean and ending things with me. Also while he’s been with her the number of random Instagram strangers he been talking, sexting, video chatting is unreal and let’s not forget the onlyfans girls he pays and chats with. If that what him being devoted to her is well I guess that explains a lot. She’s trash even his sister agrees.

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