Shawayna Brooks Beam – North Carolina or Tennessee

Shawayna Brooks Beam – North Carolina or Tennessee

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A month ago boyfriend went on a business trip for work and while was gone he met this woman and basically lied to her to get what he wanted which he did… And me and his baby are home thinking he is working so hard for his family! Yeah right! So when he get home we go back to normal like a couple does… So three weeks after he comes home he starts an huge argument with me over nothing just so he could leave us because this woman was on her way down here to be with after the fact she knew he had a family she left her family and friends she quit school even her job to come down and break my family up…But I am glad because now I can have a peace of mind….

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  1. BreeJanuary 28, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    Let her have him. He abandoned his family with a woman he knew just at a month. He chose this woman over you and your family. Let her have him
    He did not love you.

  2. BreeJanuary 24, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    She did you a favor. Your husband abandoned you and your baby. Don’t even give them the satisfaction of stressing over either of them. Pull your big girl panties up and do what you got to do. Show him you don’t need him you can do it all by yourself. Anyway you don’t want your baby to be in that negative environment. You don’t want your baby to think this is how a man treats a woman. You will find a new man. He will be better than this guy ever was. He chose her. Let her have him.