Shawnta Flamer — The Face Of Patheticness

Shawnta Flamer — The Face Of Patheticness

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The Nasty Vile thing cannot even be called a woman at this point. She was sleeping with a very taken family man. She started out pretending to be this shoulder to cry on for him while he was going through a tough time in his long term relationship while all along plotting to get him in bed. She also had a boyfriend at the time whom she even introduced the guy to as her co worker. The poor Boyfriend had no idea she was introducing him to a guy who’s c0ck she was shoving down her throat. (disgusting and disrespectful) All she does is lie, cheat and sneak. She was sleeping with this man fully aware of his woman and kids. She also slept with him unprotected without disclosing her at the time DRD statuses knowing he was still sleeping with his woman. His woman eventually found out about this affair and he ended it with Shawnta immediately but she is still trying to hang on to him. She also lied about being on the depo shot trying to get pregnant by this guy but it didn’t work. She has zero respect or morals for herself or anyone else. She will never have a man of her own because no guy is that stupid so women beware she has no problem playing second best. She’s very proud of it in fact!!!

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