Shoulda Checked Home Wrecker….

Shoulda Checked Home Wrecker….

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I just want to say if I had simply bothered to check less than a year ago I would have found multiple posts and all I needed too know to keep this mother and daughter far away from my life, my husband, and my entire world. Apparently my husband slept with both of these women and my husband even had threesomes with the mother and daughter together. Originally my husband told me he met this pair at a grocery store which I now know couldn’t be further from the truth. More Like Backpage or Craigslist…  If I did a little more research I would have found out these two women were actually a traveling prostitute circus that bounce from town to town, using just about everyone they can. After you read this, you will ask yourself how this sort of thing could even be possible in the real world. Let me be the one to tell you… IT IS. These two women rented a small house from me only to turn it into a mini brothel and w**re house… The whole thing was a set up. I found out as MY SON actually was the one to come clean about the whole thing and tell me what was really going on after… GET THIS… MY HUSBAND tries to get my son to go with him over there to “MEET” these women and “collect the rent”. My husband was handling all the management of our properties and I was letting that be his supplemental income as he had absolutely no other means of such WHATSOEVER after being fired/investigated/and almost tried and sent to prison for insider trading and tax fraud. Yeah, integrity is certainly not this mans strong suit. In fact I would be surprised to find out he even owns a suit after the world of hurt I’m about to put him through in court. He’s actually trying to sue ME NOW, for rent that he “supposedly collected’ and back paid wages that he stopped receiving the moment I found this out and fired his worthless (LITERAL TWO TIMING ASS)… as for the mother and daughter they have skipped town, skipped out on four months worth of rent and have now turned that rental property into a well known cat house and FREAK SHOW. For all I know the only rent these women were ever paying to my husband was in the bedroom. Maybe even the bathroom as I’m sure being next to a toilet is a familiar location for them as it’s where they truly belong and probably feel most comfortable.  As for my son, he never visited himself  and couldn’t bare the thought of what his father had been doing to his mother after finding out. Trust me though ladies, I hold no one at fault except for the soon to be ex-husband/broke husband because every business we own is in my name and was financed by myself and other members of my family. This man has gotten a free ride with me for almost 23 years now and I’m done. To be sleeping with a mother and daughter, in our own rental property is just too many levels of weird for me to even begin to contemplate or understand. So for the rest of y’all… you come across a “friendly” mother and daughter looking for a place to rent on the eastern seaboard, do your research first because these too are tricky and they sure fooled both me and my heart. Then again my heart was really only fooled by one person, my husband… and he can keep it considering he clearly doesn’t have one of his own…

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