Sicily Mitchell — RockSprings, Wyoming

Sicily Mitchell — RockSprings, Wyoming

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This nasty b**** Sicily Mitchell not only was sleeping with my boyfriend but she also ruined our family. We have a daughter together and she sneaked her way into our relationship. By all means it’s not only her fault but his too. She continued to message him even sending dirty pictures to him. He would tell her to stop but she wouldn’t. He had to block her on Facebook and she made fake profiles to talk to him. The worst part of it all is she claimed he beat her up and had her friends leave marks on her so she could call the cops. She’s the most disgusting person I’ve ever met!!!

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  1. LolJune 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Bitch please. You sound pathetic af. How about put your big girl panties on and say something instead of hiding behind your phone screen 🤣 must have a lot of jealousy built up to be running your mouth & telling lies to feel better about yourself 🤣 btw no one goes to prison (and is still in prison) for some fake shit! The police where there and ou were too, not only do we all know the truth but God does too. So go ahead do what you gotta do to feel better but this was YEARS ago get over it stanky ass trick 😘 or call me