Sierra Yaroch Homeless gutter rat

Sierra Yaroch Homeless gutter rat

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Soooo the guy I’ve been dating for almost 4 years cheated on me with this triflin h0e bag. She called me to let me know exactly what went on. Him and I split up but decided to work on things. Sierra knew this as I told her myself, she talked to me for an hour on the phone and I told her what it was. She apologized and said she’s no home wrecker that she was done and no longer would be in contact. But that was far from the truth. I know for a fact he isn’t seeing her and he’s given me access to his phone and is really trying to earn my trust back. This is the first time that he’s ever done this and I know this for a fact! She has known about me since they met from the Facebook dating app. See I was willing to let it all go and not blast her, but I mean hey she keeps calling and harassing so I guess this is where she needs to be exposed! This tramp is a homeless, no car, no job pill poppin hood rat! Next thing ya know you’ll end up with fleas Sierra Yorach will hook up with your man bc she can’t find one of her own. Screen shots for proof. B1tch couldn’t beat me on my worst day🙌🏼

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