Simon Hunt — Hollywood, California

Simon Hunt — Hollywood, California

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Simon Hunt is a 37 year old Bell boy at the W Hollywood hotel. He preyed on his co worker, whom is my wife. He manipulated her, and made her think the life she was living with me wasn’t worth living. He is ten years older than my wife. He texts her the grossest things, sending pictures that no man should send a married woman. He took the young, innocent married Christian woman at his work, and corrupted her. He made her a notch on his belt, because he just wanted some young p$$$y. I was so happy with my wife. She was my world. When I found out he took advantage of her niceness, and he didn’t care about the sanctity of her marriage. He tore me down because he wanted to f*** the unobtainable. He ruined my life. Because of him, I tried to kill myself. He has manipulated my wife so much, she defends him. He told me he wasn’t a threat to me and my marriage, and that night, he slept with her. He texts her like she’s an object, he doesn’t care for her. Now my wife has turned against me. This man has the audacity to say I’ve invaded his personal space. This man invaded my personal space, and has been invading my personal space, by sleeping with my wife for over a year. This man is a HOOMEWRECKER. He ruined my life. Watch out for this robin Williams looking balding POS. He’s a predator, and preys on young married women. Simon Hunt is the definition of a home wrecker.

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  1. The VillanJanuary 19, 2018 at 6:58 am

    …and by “wife” you mean “husband”, right?