Simone Baylis — This home wrecker pulled at my heart string to get in my life.

Simone Baylis — This home wrecker pulled at my heart string to get in my life.

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Simone played the victim card well. Making out that her ex was a player and treated her and two small children like garbage. She also claimed her family and her ex’s family were rude, aggressive and just plain mean to them. She even fabricated a break in at her home so she could stay at our place and suss in out as we were worried about her kids safety. She started trouble with my friends.I can only imagine what she said behind my back. She tried to isolate me from my family. Anytime I tried to get her out of life she did a guilt trip about losing hair from stress or a family member verbally abusing her. She sent her daughter to Kinder then School near me and I helped pick her up. The perfect excuse to be at my house. Then she got a job near me and would rock up randomly when my daughter was at dancing etc. Then wouldn’t go away when I told her to go. Apparently I was just being a b1tch. I minded her know kids heaps. I gave her clothes my son had outgrown for her son but she had to steal some other clothes from the kids and I was stupid apparently for remembering what I bought my kids. Her car even broke down in someone’s driveway and she cracked the sh1ts that I wouldn’t drive her to get fuel while I was cooking dinner. She her break down insurance cover but no I was a b1tch so my husband had to help the idiot. She even went to Bras N Things on my birthday with me to ‘help’ me pick out a bra with a birthday voucher. I chose a pink one and said my hubby loves that colour and the skank decided to get a similar one. That always freaked me out now it makes me sick. We use to invite her over for dinner when her ex had her kids because apparently she felt so scared and vulnerable being alone after the alleged break in. It was at these times when I was putting my children to bed that she was doing things with my husband. They exchanged phone numbers how fuken nice of them and meet up somewhere while I was with my children and had sex on his car. What a winner she is! No sorries from her just passing the buck like she always does. I’m super pissed at my husband but he at admitted fault, took all the blame, shed a lot of tears and said sorry. I have found out after speaking to some of her family members that she is a compulsive liar and pretty much everything said about everyone is 100% made up.

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