Siria Rodríguez — Sloot won’t give up

Siria Rodríguez — Sloot won’t give up

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Here’s my story I’ve been with my husband 23 years. We had our first child at sixteen. We are high school sweethearts. In December I found out he had been cheating on me for 2 years with a woman he met at his old job. Call me naive and slot of you will call me stupid but I had absolutely no clue until December. My husband had always treated me like a queen and continued to do so during this time. Anyone that knew us thought we were a perfect couple. We did everything together. So I thought come to find out he had been cheating with this w?!$e for 2 years. She send me pictures right before Christmas and when she didn’t get the reaction she wanted out of me she send them to my children on social media. Well my husband wants to work things out and I decided to give him a chance. Oh I forgot to mention she’s married too. Has three children under the age of ten who she left alone at night to meet my husband. My husband works nights so he would meet her in the mornings and leave early from work to meet her. She tried everything in her power to have my husband leave me. Including trying to embarrass me with friends and family sending pictures. Well not only does this home wrecker have no shame but neither does her family I’ve had her mom, aunts and friends harassing me over this cause they all approve of her affair with my husband. They claim he kept telling her he was leaving me soon. Ok I said maybe he lied but WTF she’s married too. What respect do you have for her husband. The shame and morality these people have. Fast forward to now her husband is trying to work things out with her I’m trying to see if I can save my marriage and she is yet to leave me alone. In her phsyco head she’s the wife. I late found out she use to stalk me. She would show up where we were having dinner, the gym I went to, my pedicure place. Anywhere I checked in on social media. I know I sound like I’m only blaming her but I’m not she doesn’t owe me crap my husband was the disrespectful one. He fail to keep our vows and marriage but the fact this HW doesn’t get the clue that my husband doesn’t want her is pissing me off. I tried talking to her she won’t even pick up the phone she will only text. She went as far as to introduce my husband to her kids cause she was sure she would break us up. I probably would not even have blasted her if she told me about the affair and walked away instead she has been harassing my family for 1 year now.

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